This certified company practices good manufacturing practices and grows the medicinal mushrooms in sterile clean rooms on organic substrates.

This company sells proprietary blends of proprietary hybrid strains of medicinal mushroom species it grows. The strains used are not commercially available from other growers for national and international distribution. The products are produced for integrative health care as evidence-based, complementary nutritious food. The mushrooms are grown in a sterile, clean room facility with no soil and grown on certified organic substrates in sterile clean rooms. Once grown, the medicinal mushrooms are dried and processed into a powdered form, blended and packaged as proprietary blends in sterile clean rooms. Myshrooms

Our corporate mission is to grow hybrid strains of medicinal mushrooms, formulate blends and disseminate these products into the healthcare market infrastructure. We provide education to bridge the gap between the research knowledge and its use in health care.